Mat Campbell Music

Composer. Arranger. Conductor. Percussionist.



Mathew Campbell's styles range from classical to contemporary. His music is influenced by classical composers like Beethoven all the way to contemporaries such as Steve Reich, Eric Whitacre and John Mackey. He composes works for chamber ensembles, chorus, symphony orchestra, and wind symphony. 

Mathew has premiered many of his works across the United States. His works have been premiered at the National Flute Association Convention in 2013, the Texas Music Educators Association Convention in 2015, and at the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley, Brownsville Campus on a semesterly basis. 

Mathew was awarded first prize in the 2015 Percussive Arts Society Composition Contest for his original piece, "INTO the VOID: A Study in Disembodied Consciousness" for SATB Chorus and Percussion Quartet.


Mathew conducted the world premiere of his Ridin' on the City of New Orleans at the 2013 National Flute Convention in New Orleans, LA.



Mathew's music has received awards and is considered to be a unique approach to current popular music. Many student ensembles at the University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley (Brownsville) have premiered works locally and at state and international conferences.


Learning piano and percussion changed Mathew's life and he never forgets his roots. His music, which is founded in his love for rhythm, will always provide a driving force to the listener.